75% of All Preventable Injuries Occur in Homes and in Communities

Most of the time, people see these hazards and don’t feel they have the ability to report them in a way that gets the problem addressed.


2.9 Million Private Industry Injuries per Year

This number could be drastically reduced by providing a simple way for people to report violations when they see them.


Fall Deaths for Older Adults Have Increased by 30%

As our population ages, elderly are more susceptible to fall injuries.  Proactive reporting of injury-causing issues become more critical.


Americans Are Injured Every Second and Killed Every Three Minutes by a Preventable Event

It’s time for there to be a simple way to address these issues before they cause injuries.

Our Process Makes Reporting Simple!

We realize there is nothing more important than your safety. Let us be your advocate.

Report a Violation
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Lookout helps you take control of your surroundings and report hazards for accident prevention.

Our app provides an easy and effective way for consumers to report health and safety violations when they see them. Holding businesses accountable, by sending a certified notice, ensures we are able to drive change and have hazards corrected right away, preventing issues before they happen.

Our Process Is Simple

Are you frustrated and feeling helpless when it comes to fixing health, safety and environmental hazards within your community? Dangerous roadways, playgrounds, sidewalks, workplaces and even your home due to neglect and irresponsibility of others, including elected officials. Our certified communications hold people accountable, ultimately driving action to correct these issues before accident or injury occurs!

Lookout is here to help.

Our fast, simple, and free app allows you to rest easier knowing you’re working to ensure the safety of your community.

Step 1

Identify and Photograph the Hazard


Document your observed hazard with a description and photos to allow our team to understand the extent of the violation.

Step 2

Submit information to Lookout


Select your preferred report level and upload your description and photos to start the process.

Step 3

Rest easier due to removing a hazardous situation from your community.


Lookout is here to make it simple for you to inform the responsible party and help protect your community.

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